Trade and Stock Finance

What is Trade Finance?
Trade finance is a funding package for UK Companies which purchase and onward sell finished goods.  It is designed to allow the upfront payment to your supplier for goods against a confirmed order from your customer.  This is achieved by direct payment from a funder or by the issue of a Letters of Credit.

What is Stock Finance?
Stock finance provides a facility that is intriguingly linked to the value of your stock or inventory, whether this is in the form of raw materials, stand-alone work in progress or finished goods.  These type of facilities are normally arranged as part of an Asset Based Lending facility, although it is possible to arrange a stand-alone facility, depending on the goods that need to be funded.

Why pick Trade Finance?
It’s the perfect fit when needing to pay a supplier up front to fulfil a large sales order or opportunity

How does it work?
We pay the supplier on your behalf so you get the goods. Then you pay us back when you make the sale.

How does Trade Finance benefit my business?
There are many ways in which Trade Finance can benefit your business.  If you are an importer, purchasing goods upfront to fulfil a large order can stretch cash flow, quite often when your business can least afford it. Trade Finance can assist by providing immediate funding against these orders by way of opening a letter of credit or settling the supplier invoice direct.  The goods are then received, sold on and the facility repaid.
If you are an exporter, we have access to specialist funders who can provide specialist export funding to many parts of the world and can include credit control and cash collection services in the Country concerned and more importantly in the local language.

How does Stock Finance benefit my business?
Stock in any form is an expensive commodity, which in certain industries where immediate supply is important, can number many, many product lines.  The more stock that is held, then the less free cash flow there is available to your business to fund its cost base and such other activities such as sales and general overheads.
Stock finance facilities will release a percentage of the cash tied up in these assets that can then be utilised to fund your day to day business or to allow other advantageous business activities.
Facilities are evolving by nature so will rise and fall in line with the movements in your purchase and sales activities together with any seasonality in your business.

  • Invoice discounting and selective invoice discounting for UK businesses.
  • Flexible terms for all scales of businesses.
  • International Trade Finance for moving goods around the globe.