Project Finance

Project Finance – Key Concepts
The raising of finance on a Limited Recourse basis, for the purposes of developing a large capital- intensive infrastructure project, where the borrower is a special purpose vehicle and repayment of the financing by the borrower will be dependent on the internally generated cash flows of the project.

The key elements and structure of a typical financing project are:

  • Special purpose vehicle (SPV) project company with no previous business or record;
  • Sole activity of project company is to carry out the project – it then subcontracts most aspects through construction contract and operations contract;
  • For new build projects, there is no revenue stream during the construction phase and so debt service will only be possible once the project is online during the operations phase;
  • Sole revenue stream likely to be under an off-take or power purchase agreement;
  • There is limited or no recourse to the sponsors of the project;
  • The project remains off-balance-sheet for the sponsors and for the host government.