6 Reasons Businesses Face Rejection for Small Business Loans

6 Reasons Businesses Face Rejection for Small Business Loans

Starting a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding ventures to undertake. It takes a great deal of money to launch a business, and with commercial lending on the rise, it is ideal to try to obtain business loan financing. However, it is common for applicants to get rejected by lenders and denied business loans.


Infographic – Managing asset risks in energy and resources

Energy and resources companies by their nature are asset-intensive. Firms in sectors such as power, utilities, and oil and gas are vulnerable to ageing assets and increased environmental and regulatory requirements. Effective asset management factors in a wide range of risks such as these to generate maximum value from physical assets. The data displayed in this infographic is taken from a global survey of companies in the utilities, power and resources sectors


The Money Statistics May 2017

Statistics Archive – The Money Charity

We have been producing our must read summary of UK’s money situation since 2005. The latest UK money statistics from the Money Charity can be found below. And you can find the archive here.


Why all those gleaming new cars on the road could spark the next financial crash

ROSS CLARK: Gleaming cars on road could spark next financial crash

The realisation first struck me on a long motorway journey recently that took me through the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and the North-East. Over and over again, I was overtaken by countless new or almost-new cars – and not just any cars, but large, flashy sports utility vehicles, the ones that cost upwards of £30,000 new from the forecourt.



Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association condemns level of food waste in England

The committee’s report, published this week, examines the cost of food waste in England, estimated at over £10 billion per year, and puts forward recommendations on how to reduce food waste levels and recognise how anaerobic digestion can recycle inedible food waste into low-carbon heat and power.