ROC Regime 2017 Deadline

The end of March 2017 marks the end of the ROC regime as we know it and is creating a frenzy of last minute activity for many renewable project stakeholders.

However, Ecosource is seeing a trend of projects that have had extensive time and energy expended on the technical and planning aspects of the project, but with the key funding element unfortunately being left until late in the day.

What is often not appreciated is that funding for the erection of a wind turbine or building a waste to energy plant, is not like arranging finance on your next car – this is mini-project finance with all that entails;

– Technical due diligence

– Financial modelling

– Feasibility studies

– Extensive legal due diligence

– Re-modelling of the project

Ecosource adds value to this whole process by ensuring that all parties are managed through at the same time, so avoiding unnecessary delays.

In over 60% of cases we fund, we have to assist in the substantial re-writing of the base project model to ensure it is (a) fundable and (b) delivers the desired long term returns. No other lender offers this service nor has such a broad reach of funding capacity across multiple technologies.

Deal or no Deal?

With time pressures now upon us all in this market, it is not simply about availability of funds – human resource is usually the limiting factor that may ultimately scupper your project.

The time to act is now or you may find yourself walking away from all your time and money with No Deal.

Written by CSG

Financial Services